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Tesa & Compac – Measuring instruments and machines

Among the world leaders in the production of a wide range of measuring instruments with 5,000 items in stock, from hand instruments to the most advanced automatic measuring machines, Tesa has been providing its customers with quality products since 1941. Its business proposal is able to meet all the metrological needs of automotive, aerospace, watchmaking, medical, naval companies with the guarantee of a product designed and manufactured in Switzerland.


The brands that refer to the Tesa galaxy are Tesa Technology, Brown & Sharpe (American company inventor of the calliper with Vernier reading), Standard Cage (Tesa quality at a competitive price), CE Johansson (whose flagship product, the Mikrokator, is considered the world’s best mechanical indicator) and Compac (the highest quality in the Tesa family with still undefeated quality of indicators).


The history of Tesa is studded with successes from MINMETAL®, first micrometer invented in 1941, then followed in 1950 by the IMICRO micrometer with 3 contact points. The products from the list below that we include in our history.


 There are at least 5 good reasons to choose a Tesa product:

  • First choice materials
  • Guaranteed precision on the entire measuring field
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Individual control and certification
  • Reliability over time
Download  Alphabetical list measuring instruments Tesa Instruments

Download  Decision Rules compliance with specifications and traceability of measuring instruments

Download  Sizes, units, meter multiples and metrological definitions

Download  Tesa Catalogue – Measuring Instruments

Download  1_Dial, vernier, electronic, depth and row Tesa callipers

Download  2_Tesa micrometers for outdoor and depth, standard rods, micrometer heads

Download  3_Tesa measuring instruments for indoor, analogue and digital micrometers, resetting standards

Download  4_Tesa measuring instruments of large sizes and lengths, micrometers for indoor, universal and comparative

Download  5_Tesa multi-purpose electronic and dial indicators

Download  6_Tesa lever electronic and dial indicators

Download  7_Compac precision indicators, long and reduced stroke, dorsal rod, lever and accessories

Download  8_Tesa instruments for comparative measures, resetting benches and motorized calibration, bore gauges, measuring arms, for thickness and depth

Download  9_Tesa magnetic, suction cup, universal supports, auxiliary measuring instruments, bases, prisms, thickness gauge, radius gauge, thread gauge, lenses

Download  10_Tesa measurement of straightness, angles and inclinations, rows, squares, angle protractors, inclinometers, levels

Download  11_Tesa standards for lengths and angles, standard blocks, flat glass, spheres, pads, pins, rings

Download  12_Tesa calibration devices, measuring devices of standard and comparing blocks, measuring benches

Download  13_Tesa roughness control, roughness gauge

Download  14_Tesa Vertical measuring devices, measuring columns, altimeters

Download  15_Tesa analogue and digital electronic measuring instruments, axial and lever probes

Download  16_Tesa optical measurement, measuring machines for profiles, optical, profile projectors

Download  17_Tesa measuring machines coordinate, three-dimensional, measuring heads, probes

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Mechanical Applications

  • Micrometers for indoor and outdoor
  • Hundredths and thousandths micrometers
  • Analogue and digital micrometers
  • Hundredths and thousandths indicators
  • Analogue and digital indicators
  • Callipers for indoor and outdoor
  • Analogue and digital callipers
  • Plug calliper gauges
  • Threaded calliper gauges
  • Hundredths and thousandths bore gauges
  • Analogue and digital bore gauges
  • Altimeters