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Hanna – Rollers for interior and exterior

Rolling refers to the mechanical machining which increases the strength and sliding features of the surface of a metallic component. All this in the absence of chip removal.

Hanna rollers are rotating tools whose essential feature is constituted by cylindrical or conical rollers used on any mechanical component that has a circular symmetry. It is therefore possible to machine internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, flat circular surfaces, spherical caps etc.

For the rolling of cylindrical surfaces, both internal and external, there is a wide range of standardized tools. For all other machining a preliminary technical study and design of specific products according to the application requested is necessary.

A roller is composed of the body and head. The body is structured to be coupled to different head diameters according to the application. The head is composed of a cage, cone and rollers, that in case of wear or damage can be replaced.

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