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Rego-fix – micRun Locking device

Absolute maximum of Rego-fix technology in the field of tool locking is the new high-precision micRun device. The device is the evolution of ER devices and, although it does not require any machinery or equipment, it guarantees a very high clamping force and unparalleled precision. The simplicity of an ER mandrel with the guarantee of clamping force at the top of the market. For tool assembly and disassembly it is sufficient to use a simple roller key, while ensuring a clamping force of close to 140 Nm comparable or superior to devices such as cold locking, hydraulic mandrels or strong tightening.

The entire device is guaranteed with a run-out less than 3μ. It shall be highlighted that the tolerance is valid for all the components assembled and not individual parts separately as in the case with all comparable products. This means that 3 μ is a real and total value and there will not be a sum of the various mandrel and clamp run-outs as is the case with all other competitors.

Through the micRun device it is possible to tighten tools with tolerance h9-h11 from Ø1 to Ø20mm and constant and unmatched repeatability is guaranteed. Precision manufacturing allows extending tool life and reducing vibrations through the modular flexibility of components and also reducing noise in production, thanks to the outer surface without grooves.

The extreme flexibility of the device allows tightening 16 different diameters with the same mandrel with the possibility to opt for internal or device lubrication.

Download  micRun strong tightening mandrels

Download  Presentation micRun Rego-fix

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