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Hanna – Blade-plate reamers with mechanical fixing

Alesatore-lama-pattino-per-lavorazione-albero-motoreBlade-plate reamers are the best of technology in the field of precision boring and are constituted by one or more cutting blades and drive plate having the function to always guarantee perfect tool stability. In addition to providing stability and avoiding vibrations, the plates provide excellent hole geometry.

The blades can be supplied in various materials depending on the application.

The reamers are manufactured with an adjusted collar (TIR) ​​to check concentricity (run-out).

The system also guarantees compensation of errors due to the machine, clamping or locking devices, blade wear, etc.

Hanna reamers can have multiple diameters and

perform even very complex machining in a single step always ensuring perfect circularity and cylindricity.


As an example it is possible to machine valve locations, valve drive holes,

crankshaft supports, rocker holes, gear boxes, engine blocks, diesel injection pumps, steering boxes, gimbals, drive shafts, connecting rods, automatic transmissions, brake cylinders, heat exchangers, transmissions, camshafts,

injection pumps, suspension arms, injection nozzles, cylinders, crankshafts and many other mechanical components.

A perfect tool setting is a prerequisite to obtain excellent results in boring. This is why Hanna also provides a presetting device that is easy to use. It is a counter top pre-setting device for adjustment and measurement consisting of a rigid steel structure, a slide with compensated adjustment and modular indicator holders.

Download  1. Geometry inlets, materials and coatings for blades for blade-plate reamers

Download  2. How to preset a blade-plate reamer

Download  3. Cutting parameters blade-plate reamers

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