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Exclusive distributor for Italy of precision tools, measuring instruments and chucks 


Uvat is specialized in the import and distribution throughout the Italian of precision tools, measuring instruments (micrometers, indicators, gauges, bore gauges etc.) and accessories for machine tools such as mandrels and callipers. The sales network covers the whole of the organization nationally, through agents, distributors and depots that guarantee a widespread service, as well as ongoing assistance and timely supplies.

The business focuses solely on high quality products with the highest technical content. Whether referring to carbide or HSS drill bits, blade-plate or multi-cutting micro-adjustable reamers, deburring tools, chamfering tools, backspot facing tools or inserts in PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond), micrometers, indicators or mandrels , the business imperative is always the highest quality.

The world of precision mechanic workshops, where chip removal is carried out with passion every day, are our primary customers. Whether small or large, we are at their side to support them in day-to-day activities of boring, drilling, deburring, chamfering, backspot facing, milling, tapping or threading and subsequent measurement and dimensional control, wherever the need for the highest quality is always on top.

In addition to providing a wide range of products, Uvat provides its customers with continuous before and after sales service which make it a 360° privileged partner. All this, combined with the extensive know-how, allow it to be the right choice for most precision chip removal machining.

Design, production, modification and re-sharpening of tools is always carried out in a very short time, well aware of modern needs and with “just in time” tool service. The need to reduce costs at all levels of the company requires, even in the context of procurement of tools, measuring instruments and all the auxiliary material used by a modern precision mechanical workshop, constant cost reduction and optimization. Often this need translates into a drastic reduction in inventories and tools present in the “tool-room”. A service of providing new tools or sharpening in a timely manner is therefore absolutely essential.

Also thanks to the acquisition of Utensileria Noto, a company specializing in wholesale and retail of mechanical tools and machine tools, Uvat can count on 2,500 sqm warehouse and over 300,000 items in stock.

Customers are supported and advised in all phases of design and production, and tools are supplied with the “money back” guarantee, with payment only when the result is achieved. The cycle, as mentioned, ends with a rapid and complete sharpening and recovery of tools with the security of restoring productivity with regenerated tools that is comparable to that of new tools.

The latest technologies applied to precision mechanics are always proposing new products and new machinery, especially in the field of precision tools and numeric control. Daily technical progress confronts us with new opportunities and at the same time great risks and unknown events. It is here that Uvat, thanks to over forty years of experience in the industry, will recommend customers the most suitable product for individual production requirements.

Uvat’s professionalism may however be exercised only on new projects where, side by side with the customer, our technicians have the opportunity to study, drawings in hand, the best technical solutions to start production of a mechanical component. Turnkey tolling solutions with which we accompany the customer from the initial sketches to the finished product.

Uvat is therefore a privileged point of reference for all mechanical companies, from small workshops to big manufacturers of components for aeronautics or “automotive”, that wish to improve their production processes, reduce costs/piece and increase productivity. All this through a complimentary analysis of current processes and technical consultancy on improvements applicable through the use of the latest technologies in the field of precision chip removal mechanical tooling.

Uvat can provide tools that are specially designed or catalogue standard that can meet any production requirement.



  • High-quality standard and special chip removal tools
  • Swiss-made Measuring & Control dimensional instruments
  • Accessories for machine tools and precision chucks
  • Utmost attention to quality and ongoing technical assistance
  • 40 years of experience in precision tooling
  • Reliable and timely re-sharpening service
  • Selected products worldwide for their quality
  • Specialists in boring, drilling, milling and tapping

Mechanical applications and machining

  • Reamers micro-adjustable (expandable) multi-cutting in carbide, PCD/PKD or Cermet

  • Reamers blade-plate (with drive plates) in carbide or PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)

  • Solid carbide reamers

  • Reamers braze-welded with plates in carbide, PCD/PKD and Cermet

  • Reamers in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)

  • Reamers in PCD

  • Reamers for aeronautics

  • Reamers special with multi-diameter design

  • Reamers standard in catalogue ready in stock

  • Reamers conical

  • Bits in Solid carbide special (specially designed)

  • Bits in Solid carbide standard in catalogue

  • Solid carbide bits with coolant holes for internal lubrication

  • Carbide step drill bits with several diameters

  • Bits in PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)

  • Center bits in widia and HSS

  • Carbide drill bits coated

  • Bits in tungsten carbide and profile HSS

  • Bits in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)

  • Counterborers

  • Boring cutters in PCD for composite materials dedicated to aeronautics (aviation industry)

  • Bits for aeronautics

  • Extra-long bits

  • Micro-bits

  • Cutters in solid carbide special (specially designed) or from catalogue

  • Shaped cutters in solid micro-grain carbide

  • Cutters in PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)

  • Cutters in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)

  • Cutters in carbide and profile HSS

  • Cutters for aeronautics

  • Boring cutters in PCD for composite materials dedicated to aeronautics (aviation industry)

  • Cutters for composite materials

  • Carbide cutters for Titanium, super alloys and advanced materials

  • Cutters for mould makers

  • High-performance cutters

  • Taps in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)

  • Series of hand taps in HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt

  • Machine taps HSS cobalt and ASP (sintered)

  • Dies in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)

  • Taps and dies fine pitch and coarse pitch, UNC, UNF, NPT

  • Micrometers for indoor and outdoor

  • Hundredths and thousandths micrometers

  • Analogue and digital micrometers

  • Hundredths and thousandths indicators

  • Analogue and digital indicators

  • Callipers for indoor and outdoor

  • Analogue and digital callipers

  • Plug calliper gauges

  • Threaded calliper gauges

  • Hundredths and thousandths bore gauges

  • Analogue and digital bore gauges

  • Altimeters

  • Mandrels and ER collets

  • Hydraulic mandrels

  • Strong tightening mandrels

  • Cylindrical micro-mandrels

  • Compensation floating self-centring mandrels

  • Metallic hold collets

  • Ultra-precision ER-UP collets

  • Tool holder and collet holder ISO, HSK, BT, TC

  • Clamping nuts

  • Disk retainer nuts for internal supply

  • Nuts with clutch

  • Nuts for internal cooling with watertight discs

  • Mini nuts with reduced size

  • Nuts for high speed

  • Nuts with external thread for floating mandrels and ERA Zero-Z®

  • Nuts for internal supply for motorized heads and lathes

  • Mandrels for tapping

  • Big Mandrels PLUS Daishowa

  • Capto mandrels by Sandvik

  • Locking device for interference

  • Modular systems of internal and external boring

  • Modular systems for large boring

  • Heads for boring hundredths and thousandths

  • Heads patented with measuring range 2-40mm

  • Magnetic bases comparator holder

  • Magnetic prisms

  • Tools to remove burrs

  • Deburring tools

  • Carbide deburrers

  • Utensili per sbavatura in tiro e spinta

  • Tools for deburring forward and backward

  • Tools to automatically remove burrs

  • Tools to deburr holes intersections

  • Tools for backward deburring

  • Cross-holes deburring tools ratio 1:1

  • Chamfering tools

  • Tools to create chamfers

  • Utensili smussatori in tiro e spinta

  • Tools for chamfering backward and forward

  • Tools for chamfers backside

  • Carbide chamfering tools

  • Automatic tools for chamfering

  • Back spotfacing tools

  • Countersinking tools

  • Tools to spotface backside of holes

  • Back spotfacing tools for interrupted cut

  • Countersinking tools 2,3xd

  • Countersiking tools backward and forward




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