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Urma – Modular boring tools

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Logo-RepiSwiss company operating for more than 50 years in the field of precision engineering, over the years has made a significant contribution to the development of technology in the field of boring. Since 1985, with theinvention of the first balancable micrometer head in the world, the business imperative has always been to achieve maximum accuracy. Today the company has a design and engineering department constantly alongside the customer for the creation of special tools and their best use in the existing manufacturing process. These features have made Urma a preferred partner for customers around the world such as: ABB, BMW Sportmotoren, Heidelberg Druckmaschinen, WEG Motores, MAN, MTU, FIT, Ferrari F1, John Deere, Remmele, Shanghai Tobacco and many others

The classic interface of Urma, the Alpha module, is a simple axial tightening with symmetrical rotation particularly suitable for a high number of revolutions with high stability, low price and perfect rotational symmetry.

Urma expresses its full technological potential in the production of micrometer heads of the highest quality. Topping the list the “05” micrometer heads with capacity from Ø0.3 to 40 mm with a single head, balanceable up to 20,000 rpm and with boring depth of 8xD.

The Micromax balanceable micrometer heads for diameters from 20 to 67 mm have been a pioneering innovation among balanceable tools and are characterized by a residual imbalance U (gmm) of 100 times less than the standard boring heads, allowing significantly higher working speeds. Furthermore, the accuracy of these tools provides an improved surface finish, the elimination of vibration, narrower tolerances especially regarding roundness and extended tool life. The 0.002 mm/ø fine adjustment and the ability to use up to 20,000 rev/min make it a top technological product. Thanks to the extremely simple balancing, high flexibility, the ability to have internal lubrication and reach boring depths of up to 8xD , make it a unique and powerful tool.

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Mechanical applications

  • Modular systems of internal and external boring
  • Modular systems for large boring
  • Heads for boring hundredths and thousandths
  • Heads patented with measuring range 2-40mm