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Tivoly/Perfor – Industrial tools

A history whose roots dates back to 1917 in France is the demonstration of tradition and experience accumulated by Tivoly manufacturer of cutting tools in high speed steel (HSS) and make it a global player that is well-known for its high quality products and innovation.

Metal chip removal cutting and machining is a complex operation that requires a thorough knowledge of materials, geometries and cutting parameters. The machining of more and more difficult materials requires the use of high-speed quality steels, high speed cobalt steels and coatings suitable for specific applications (Titanium Nitride, TiN or Titanium-Aluminium Nitride TiAlN for example).

Machining can vary, from sheet to stainless steel, from cast iron to bronze, from aluminium alloys to brass, from composite materials to titanium alloys, covering the whole range of mechanical manufacturing and machining, professional and industrial activities. A selection of products that therefore cover a broad spectrum of industrial machining for drilling, core drilling, tapping and threading, cutting and boring. Among the many products available in stock we recall HSS twist drills with cylindrical shank, drill bits in HSS with Morse taper, conical bits, bits with carbide plate, center bits, tools with reduced or reinforced shank, cutters in HSS, hand and machine taps, sets of die taps, cutters.

There are tools manufactured according to the most important international standards: DIN 338, DIN 340, DIN 345, DIN 1897, DIN 6537K, DIN 333A, DIN 333B, NFE 66075, NFE 66076, NFE 66535, ISO 529, DIN 352, DIN 2181, DIN 371, DIN 372, DIN 372, DIN 376, NFE 66112, NFE 66101, DIN 5156, NFE 74001, EN 22568, EN 24231, DIN 6527K, DIN 844BK, DIN 327D, DIN 844BL, DIN 1833A, DIN 6518A, DIN 845BL, DIN 885A, DIN 1880, NFE 66019.

Continuous technology research allows having a tool catalogue with the highest performing coatings of the market such as Helica, TiCN, TiN, Ultracut, Hicut. A truly comprehensive catalogue that in addition to including the products historically branded with the Perfor logo, also includes Ardatz taps.

There is also an offer of DIY products (Do It Yourself) and for use with power tools for drilling metal, wood or concrete, screwing, sanding, polishing, brushing, cutting, sawing, carving, fixing, protection and security.

In total there are more than 30,000 items, mostly in stock

Download  2015 Tivoly Catalogue


Mechanical Applications

  • Reamers micro-adjustable (expandable) multi-cutting in carbide, PCD/PKD or Cermet
  • Reamers blade-plate (with drive plates) in carbide or PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)
  • Solid carbide reamers
  • Reamers braze-welded with plates in carbide, PCD/PKD and Cermet
  • Reamers in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)
  • Reamers in PCD
  • Reamers for aeronautics
  • Reamers special with multi-diameter design
  • Reamers standard in catalogue ready in stock
  • Reamers conical
  • Bits in solid carbide special (specially designed)
  • Bits in solid carbide standard in catalogue
  • Solid carbide bits with coolant holes for internal lubrication
  • Carbide step drill bits with several diameters
  • Bits in PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)
  • Center bits in widia and HSS
  • Carbide drill bits coated
  • Bits in tungsten carbide and profile HSS
  • Bits in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)
  • Counterborers
  • Boring cutters in PCD for composite materials dedicated to aeronautics (aviation industry)
  • Bits for aeronautics
  • Extra-long bits
  • Micro-bits
  • Cutters in solid carbide special (specially designed) or from catalogue
  • Shaped cutters in solid micro-grain carbide
  • Cutters in PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)
  • Cutters in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)
  • Cutters in carbide and profile HSS
  • Cutters for aeronautics
  • Boring cutters in PCD for composite materials dedicated to aeronautics (aviation industry)
  • Cutters for composite materials
  • Carbide cutters for Titanium, super alloys and advanced materials
  • Cutters for mould makers
  • High-performance cutters
  • Taps in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)
  • Series of hand taps in HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt
  • Machine taps HSS cobalt and ASP (sintered)
  • Dies in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)
  • Taps and dies fine pitch and coarse pitch, UNC, UNF, NPT