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Rego-fix – Locking and tightening devices

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The Rego-fix brand is ​​universally recognized as the highest technological expression in the field of clamping tools for mechanical machining. Distributed in Italy exclusively through our subsidiary Repi, a company specializing in the sale of machine tool accessories and standard and specially designed chuck, it represents the state-of-the-art of precision tool holders.

Rego-fix was founded in 1950, but the real turning point and consecration at the absolute top of its market was in 1993, when its patented technology, the ER clamping device, was standardized worldwide in the DIN 6499/ISO 15488 standard. Today, ER mandrels are the world's most popular clamp locking device. If once Rego-fix was the only manufacturer of ER collet-holder mandrels, today it has simply become the best at it, thanks to technically qualified personnel and a production facility at the top of technology. No other manufacturer in the world can compete in terms of manufacturing precision, run-out, clamping force, durability and performance in this area.

Today, Rego-fix tools locking devices are successfully used in various fields: in the machine tool, automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, shipbuilding, railway, agricultural, mining, oil, pharmaceutical industries and in the manufacturing of printing machines etc.

The range includes ISO, HSK, BT, TC, Big PLUS Daishowa and Capto by Sandvik tool holder and collet holder mandrels, ER elastic collets, taps.

Technology research at Rego-fix never stops and in recent years many new features have been added that will positively change the precision mechanical market of the future. The powRgrip cold locking device is revolutionary and able to perform a tool change in 7-8 seconds, reduce vibration prolonging tool life and improving the machined surfaces, guarantee run-out <3µ with maximum torque transfer and more than 20,000 tool replacements.

The micRun device is thus the best whenvery high clamping force, limited tolerances and ease of use are required. It is in fact able to develop a clamping force that is comparable to or greater than devices such as hot locking, hydraulic mandrels or strong tightening. All this without the use of machinery or equipment of any kind. The simplicity of an ER mandrel with clamping strength at the highest levels. These advantages also include the guarantee of circularity of the entire collet-mandrel device below 3μ. It is important to emphasize that this data is related to the entire system and not to individual components as is the case for all other similar manufacturers.

The latest by Rego-fix is ​​a simple, functional and, for this reason, genius invention. It is the reCool nut for internal lubrication to be applied on motorized mandrels to quickly and at a very low cost add internal lubricant supply to motorized heads that do not have it.

Rego-fix products are the highest expression of Swiss quality. They are all designed and manufactured in Switzerland and are ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certified. The material used is a special hardened elastic steel which guarantees greater durability and precision. Quality control is performed on 100% of products. No component receives the Rego-fix triangular mark and leaves the factory without a thorough verification that meets the highest standards, through the three-dimensional and microscopic verification of lengths, angles, circularity, run-out, balancing, tightening torque and hardness. Each component is also marked with a lot number for perfect traceability.

Only the use of all original Rego-fix components (collet, mandrel and nut) can guarantee the best results in terms of precision, durability and productivity.



Download  Formulas and instructions for a perfect balancing of tools and mandrels

Download  Regofix Catalogue – Mandrels, Clamps, ER Collets, powRgrip locking device

Download  HSK forms and cone types

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Mechanical applications

  • Mandrels and ER collets
  • Hydraulic mandrels
  • Strong tightening mandrels
  • Cylindrical micro-mandrels
  • Compensation floating self-centring mandrels
  • Metallic hold collets
  • Ultra-precision ER-UP collets
  • Tool holder and collet holder ISO, HSK, BT, TC
  • Clamping nuts
  • Disk retainer nuts for internal supply
  • Nuts with clutch
  • Nuts for internal cooling with watertight discs
  • Mini nuts with reduced size
  • Nuts for high speed
  • Nuts with external thread for floating mandrels and ERA Zero-Z®
  • Nuts for internal supply for motorized heads and lathes
  • Mandrels for tapping
  • Big Mandrels PLUS Daishowa
  • Capto mandrels by Sandvik
  • Locking device for interference