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PAV – Measuring instruments

Precision is the basis for quality, performance gains and long-term success. PAV is a Swiss company internationally known for its measuring instruments of incomparable quality and strength. The leading products of the company are precision gauges and micrometers destined to last long with the absolute guarantee of precision over time like the first day.

PAV measuring instruments satisfy the most demanding and specialized personnel aware of the role that precision and quality play in the world of precision mechanical machining. All PAV instruments are manufactured according to DIN and VSM standards. The extensive range of models available, as well as a favourable quality/price ratio, make PAV precision micrometers and gauges a product of excellence accessible to all, for all measurement requirements. PAV offers on the market gauges and micrometers, but also special measuring instruments designed according to customer specifications. As evidence of the absolute attention to quality, all PAV products are supplied with inspection certificate issued by the department of quality control within the company credited as Swiss Certification Center (SCS) since 1987.

PAV micrometers, in particular, have all prerequisites to ensure long-term absolute and constant measurement accuracy: contacts in carbide, lapped surfaces, a constant measurement pressure determined by the high sensitivity of the ratchet clutch, deep and black graduations of the scale on a matt chrome surface, a robust arc isolated from the temperature of the hand. The main advantages of all micrometers are wear resistance, sensitivity, uniformly distributed smoothness of the hardened and rectified stainless steel micrometer screw.

Digital pocket and workshop callipers up to 2000mm, digital callipers, digital depth gauges, precision micrometers up to 3000mm, thread micrometers, depth micrometers, micrometers for internal diameters, precision standards. This is the range of Swiss quality PAV products. Products that are unrivalled regarding quality, robustness and precision. This is thanks to the modern fully air-conditioned production facility and highly trained staff.

To guarantee competitiveness to modern mechanical companies it is fundamental to perfect processes and aim for perfection also in more difficult machining. This means above all: Precision. This imposes cutting edge machines and tools, but also and especially appropriate dimensional control systems. This accuracy can only be guaranteed by measuring instruments manufactured and certified with utmost attention to ensure durability over time. Characteristics on which PAV has focused since its founding 50 years ago. Swiss technicians are aware of how the quality of raw materials used and production processes affect the final quality of the product and its resistance to wear. Similarly, surface machining is closely related to the precision and accuracy of the instruments manufactured.

These characteristics have made PAV a privileged partner of major car and aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

Download  Pav Catalogue – Measuring instruments, gauges and micrometers

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Mechanical Applications

  • Micrometers for indoor and outdoor
  • Hundredths and thousandths micrometers
  • Analogue and digital micrometers
  • Hundredths and thousandths indicators
  • Analogue and digital indicators
  • Callipers for indoor and outdoor
  • Analogue and digital callipers
  • Plug calliper gauges
  • Threaded calliper gauges
  • Hundredths and thousandths bore gauges
  • Analogue and digital bore gauges
  • Altimeters