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Hanna – Blade-plate reamers, flange fittings

The technology of the blade-plate reamers with mechanical fixing, with sharp interchangeable and adjustable drive plates, is manufactured by a few manufacturers in the world, but even fewer are those able to achieve stable and continuous results over time like Hanna. The company is active in the design and manufacture of high-precision cutting tools, used in super-finishing of all kinds of shapes: cylindrical and conical, internal and external, blind or passing holes etc.

Hanna reamers are essential in finishing operations which require very tight dimensional tolerances and excellent surfaces. Normally Hanna tools are designed and manufactured to meet the individual needs of customers, analysing and developing solutions that create projects that take into account all the necessary details: geometrical specifications, dimensional tolerances, presence or absence of internal lubrication, machines and mandrels used and required productivity.

We can state that the greatest resource of Hanna is the know-how accumulated since 1942 through the development of applications designed to make each type of component. With this type of experience Hanna is able to achieve efficient and competitive solutions for the production of components related to the automotive, aerospace, energy industries, and, more generally, any precision mechanical production.

The principle which is the basis of Hanna boring systems is the separation between the cutting component (blade) and drive plates, which in the traditional conception are an integral part of the reamer. The adjustable blade is fixed to the tool body by means of a bracket and a screw (mechanical fixing). The adjustment is performed by two screws and wedges. The plates, positioned radially, provide support to the machining forces and guarantee better finish of the bored surface. The blades can be adjusted, both to obtain the desired diameter, and to define the chamfering. This is a great advantage because the conicalness is in close relationship with the final surface produced by the tool.

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Mechanical applications

  • Reamers micro-adjustable (expandable) multi-cutting in carbide, PCD/PKD or Cermet

  • Reamers blade-plate (with drive plates) in carbide or PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)

  • Solid carbide reamers

  • Reamers braze-welded with plates in carbide, PCD/PKD and Cermet

  • Reamers in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)

  • Reamers in PCD

  • Reamers for aeronautics

  • Reamers special with multi-diameter design

  • Reamers standard in catalogue ready in stock

  • Reamers conical