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Diatool – Braze-welded expandable Mono-block Reamers

Expandable reamers are the leading product of Diatool and ensure compliance with the most stringent tolerances (roughness, run-out, perpendicularity, straightness, circularity, roundness, concentricity, coaxiality etc.), an incredibly extended tool life and maximum ease of use. Thanks to the internal adjusting screw, they can also maintain the required dimensional tolerance up to 6 times longer than an integral reamer. The expansion process is extremely simple and rapid and allowscompensating for the decrease of the diameter due to wear of the cutters.


The braze-welded blades can then be quickly replaced, obtaining a tool like new with a very low cost. The regeneration and sharpening service guarantees delivery in a few days.

The high number of cutters allows exploiting the full potential of modern machine tools and the most advanced work centres, maximizing cutting parameters (speed, advancement, etc.). This allows reducing the machine cost, increasing productivity and speeding up deliveries of finished products.


  Features of braze-welded adjustable mono-block reamers: 

  • Fixed and adjustable reamers from Ø5.600 to Ø60.599 mm (on request up to Ø100.599 mm)
  • Reamers with and without internal cooling
  • Reamers in short and long versions
  • Different materials and coatings


  Advantages of braze welded adjustable mono-block reamers:  

  • Maximum stability thanks to the mono-block design and consequent excellent boring quality
  • All reamers are manufactured at the nominal diameter, thus the first hole will already be perfect
  • No adjustment of the diameter required
  • Short machining cycle times due to high advancement and multi-cutting design
  • Compensation of wear through simple expansion function
  • High economic efficiency thanks to repeated regenerations
  • Regenerated reamers have the same tool life as new reamers



Download  1. Instructions for use and installation Mono-block adjustable reamers

Download  2. Recommended cutting parameters Adjustable multi-cutting reamers (allowance, advancement per tooth, cutting speed)

Download  3. Geometries, input angles, cutters shape, coatings and materials to be machined for mono-block adjustable reamers

Download  4. Specifications Diatool Special Reamers

Download  5. Geometries recommended Boring with mono-block expandable reamers

Download  6. Resolution of the most frequent boring problems

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