Sphinx – High Performance Carbide Tools

Sphinx is a leading manufacturer of precision tools in ultra-micro-grain carbide for chip removal machining. Continued growth, ceaseless investment in their production infrastructures and the personal commitment of its employees, have allowed the company to gain a strong position on the worldwide market of cutting tools of the highest quality. Sphinx has always made ​​customer needs its own source of innovation, constantly pursuing new quality standards and patenting numerous technical innovations such as the Quadro-Plus geometry.

Thanks to the proximity to customers and the know-how accumulated over many years of activity, Sphinx high-performance carbide tools are able to meet the most complex requirements, offering solutions that are often unique and thus contributing to the success of the most technologically advanced companies. The use of the latest and advanced production technologies allow the manufacturing of carbide tools that guarantee in all circumstances optimal chip breaking, high geometric and surface precision and reduced cutting forces.

The company offers the market a vast catalogue of Bits, Cutters, Reamers and Boring Bits in carbide that are particularly important with regard to the range of micro-bits with internal lubrication holes and micro-cutters from 0.03mm, in addition to bits for deep drilling up to 30 times the diameter (30xD). From eyewear and watches to the production of large automotive, aerospace, rail or ship components, Sphinx always provides the best solution and the highest quality guarantee.

Sphinx manufactures a wide range of products including cutting tools in solid carbide, twist drill bits, high-performance drill bits with internal cooling, straight-toothed bits with Quadro, Quadro-Plus or Tricut geometry, slot cutter, tools for moulds, standard and specially designed reamers and special tools. In fact, in addition to the catalogue of standard tools, there is an extremely efficient manufacturing service of special tools in carbide. And it is in this field that all Sphinx experience and technology may result in unique technical solutions that can solve the most critical problems or maximize business performance. Multiple diameter profile bits, very high diametrical steps, extreme cutting lengths are part of everyday activities of Sphinx.

Geometries, often special, are established according to the specific use, in combination with the most advanced PVD coatings. The manufacturing of tools is supported by an effective resharpening and regeneration service for carbide tools with quick deliveries and the guarantee of tools that are always reconditioned at best.



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Mechanical applications

  • Reamers micro-adjustable (expandable) multi-cutting in carbide, PCD/PKD or Cermet
  • Reamers blade-plate (with drive plates) in carbide or PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)
  • Solid carbide reamers
  • Reamers braze-welded with plates in carbide, PCD/PKD and Cermet
  • Reamers in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)
  • Reamers in PCD
  • Reamers for aeronautics
  • Reamers special with multi-diameter design
  • Reamers standard in catalogue ready in stock
  • Reamers conical

  • Bits in solid carbide special (specially designed)
  • Bits in solid carbide standard in catalogue
  • Solid carbide bits with coolant holes for internal lubrication
  • Carbide step drill bits with several diameters
  • Bits in PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)
  • Center bits in widia and HSS
  • Carbide drill bits coated
  • Bits in tungsten carbide and profile HSS
  • Bits in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)
  • Counterborers
  • Boring cutters in PCD for composite materials dedicated to aeronautics (aviation industry)
  • Bits for aeronautics
  • Extra-long bits
  • Micro-bits

  • Cutters in solid carbide special (specially designed) or from catalogue
  • Shaped cutters in solid micro-grain carbide
  • Cutters in PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond or PKD)
  • Cutters in high-speed steel (HSS and HSS-Co in cobalt)
  • Cutters in carbide and profile HSS
  • Cutters for aeronautics
  • Boring cutters in PCD for composite materials dedicated to aeronautics (aviation industry)
  • Cutters for composite materials
  • Carbide cutters for Titanium, super alloys and advanced materials
  • Cutters for mould makers
  • High-yield cutters