Sphinx – Micro-bits and bits for deep drilling

Micro-bits, micro-cutters and bits for deep drilling in solid Carbide (tungsten carbide)

The company offers the market a vast catalogue of carbide tools (Widia, cemented carbide or Carboloy) with particular emphasis as regards the range of micro-bits with internal lubrication holes and micro-bits from 0.03mm, as well as bits for deep drilling up to 80 times the diameter (80xD). From eyewear and watches to the production of large automotive, aerospace, rail or ship components, Sphinx always provides the best solution and the highest quality guarantee.

Thanks to a wide range of micro-bits, Sphinx tools are the ideal choice for all precision micro-machining. The specialization in this field allows having the full range ready in stock and a track record of successes. Micro-bits for centring micro NC with cutting angles 90° and 130°, micro-bits for pre-drilling, bits Spirec DIN 1899-A from 0.05 mm with hundredths increment are some examples of products available. However, the Sphinx technology also allows the production of micro bits up to 12 times the diameter (12xD) from Ø0.20 mm.

The tools have reinforced shank Ø3 mm, tolerance 0/+0.004 mm and reinforced core for a perfect surface finish and close dimensional tolerances, as well as very high precision in positioning. The geometries have been studied over years of experience and guarantee the best chip removal. The raw material used is of course made up exclusively of ultra-micro-grain tungsten carbide for the machining of steel, titanium, stainless steel, cast iron (GG, GGG, GGV) and plastics.

Download  1. High-performance micro-bits in carbide

Download  2. Deep drilling pre-hole bits for Electro-erosion

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