Sphinx – Bits, Cutters and Reamers Specially designed

In addition to the catalogue of standard tools, there is an extremely efficient manufacturing service of tools in carbide specially designed according to customer specifications or Sphinx itself. And it is in this field that all Sphinx experience and technology may result in unique technical solutions that can solve the most critical problems or maximize business performance. Profile multiple diameter drill bits, very high diametrical steps, extreme cutting lengths and generally anything that is a challenge are the productions which Sphinx loves to face and make a difference.

Step drill bits, mono or multi diameter reamers, thousandth reamers and specially designed tools with tolerances and hundredths, step cutters, profile tools are some of the types of carbide tools distinguished by the quality of materials by innovative cutting geometries of Sphinx tools with unparalleled performance in every application. The R&D division, thanks to the aid of modern work centres and the best technologies for measurement and prototyping is constantly looking for the best technical solutions to guarantee its customers the best of modern mechanical technology. Laboratory and on-site tests in various fields of mechanics have guaranteed the highest quality results and the satisfaction of our customers regarding the cutting of materials that are also difficult to machine. All this makes Sphinx an absolute technical reference in drilling and cutting solid carbide.

Download  High-performance extra-long and pre-drilling bits in carbide

Download  3. High-performance reamers in micro-grain carbide

Download  3.1 Reamers with diametrical steps in carbide

Download  4. High-performance multi-diameter square bits in carbide

Download  4.1. Three-diameter square bits in micro-grain carbide

Download  5. Precision multi-diameter bits in carbide

Download  5.1 High-performance 3-diameter bits in micro-grain carbide

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