Locker – Magnetic bases, supports and shields

The French company has achieved the most in terms of quality in the production of magnetic bases and protection shields. They are extremely high quality products whose durability is absolutely unmatched. The use of selected materials, as well as its experience in manufacturing, make Locker products the best that can be had in this area. In three words: Rigidity, Precision, Robustness.

Magnetic supports for indicators are characterized by a very high force of attraction with points reaching 240kg, so as to ensure maximum grip always and in every situation. The great traction of the magnets and robustness make it an ideal tool for any workshop. All models have as a minimum common denominator the great rigidity and strength that make them suitable for an intended use also in difficult situations, always guaranteeing maximum stability over time.

The many models allow adapting to all situations in a flexible and precise manner. Magnetic bases with fine adjustment, micrometer stop function, articulated rod, central locking device, small and large. The choice of the most suitable product is really wide.

In addition to magnetic supports, there are also pneumatics supports for indicators able to set non-porous flat surfaces (metals, marbles, granites etc.) and are unalterable to oils and hydrocarbons.

With the same utmost care, products also include the “V” and magnetic prisms with precision on parallelism and perpendicularity of less than 10μ and an unsurpassed magnetic traction force.

The range also includesprotection shields for machine tools in the versions: permanent magnet extendible or interrupted magnetism and circular with electric servo.

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Mechanical applications

  • Magnetic bases comparator holder

  • Magnetic prisms