Hanna – Back facing tools in push & pull and Deburring

Hanna back facing tools can significantly reduce the cycle times of back facing operations and solve spot facing problems in hard to reach areas. They can also combine in the same front-rear spot facing tool, both front and rear bevel, facet, back-bevelling and bevelling, widening, spot facing or special profiles and cavities. This is possible thanks to a blade folded back into the tool body which is opened mechanically at the exit of the hole to be machined and performs the cutting operation.

Hanna deburring tools are simple and resistant designed to deburr both the inlet that the exit of the hole. The tool creates a small bevel using a blade that is pushed outward by a special spring device. Deburring tools adapt to any type of machine and are ideal to replace manual deburring operations. The action of the deburring blade is adjustable, thus making it possible to vary the size of the bevel generated.

The blades of the deburring tools are normally manufactured in HSS TiN coated. However, it is possible to vary the material or coatings used according to the specific application.



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