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  • Agusta-Westland
  • Alenia, Avio
  • Bosch
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Brembo
  • CNH
  • Fiat
  • Finmeccanica
  • Ferrari
  • Gilardoni
  • Iveco
  • Nuovo Pignone 
  • OMR


Uvat was created from a passion for mechanics and quality. Our strength is absolute customer satisfaction. This requires experience, technical skills, quality products, know-how and competences.

We like to highlight the fact that we do not sell tools, but we provide solutions. Our experience can indeed provide the most when customers address us with a problem. Whether it involves broken tools, non-respected tolerances, long cycle times, out of control run-out or roughness, we are sure we can find a perfect solution. The ability to solve our customers’ technical problems, recommend the best solutions to improve production processes, resulting in time saving and related “cost saving”.

It is for this reason that Uvat employs highly qualified and appropriately selected and trained personnel that has allowed it to become a supplier of large groups such as Agusta-Westland, Alenia, Avio, Bosch, Bosch Rexroth, Brembo, CNH, Fiat, Finmeccanica, Ferrari, Gilardoni, Iveco, Nuovo Pignone and OMR…..

The knowledge of the area, operators and their needs, the ability to act with knowledge of facts such as “liaison” between production and distribution are the key elements that have contributed to the growth and consolidation of Uvat. For this reason, we are privileged partners of many companies operating in automotive, aerospace, hydraulics, fittings, small metal, carpentry, power industry, earth-moving equipment, valves, gearboxes, gears etc.

Our approach is based on a solid market presence and ongoing complimentary technical consultancy. It does not matter whether it involves extremely complex blade-plate reamers, multiple diameter carbide tips or simple inserts, Uvat does not simply show a catalogue, but always strives to provide added value and recommend customers in choosing the most suitable tool and highest performance technology.

In addition, our tools are always provided with the “money back guarantee”. If our products do not provide the result agreed with the customer, it can be returned at no charge. This is the guarantee of a company that works exclusively with suppliers and partners whose utmost aim is quality. This is the peace of mind that our customers can rely on.

Small precision mechanical tools or a large sub-supplier of automotive components: there is no difference. Our philosophy remains the same: to focus on technical consultancy and the quality of our tools.

Never leave customers alone, neither before, nor after the sale. Our presence and assistance are ongoing, especially for complex tools such as blade-plate or multi-cutting micro-adjustable reamers

Our customer focus is based on the analysis of technical parameters and on the in-depth study of customers’ production processes and related issues. We are not afraid of proposing on the market only high-quality tools, because we know that, through superior tool-life and more driven work parameters, savings for customers are always guaranteed.




  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – We provide all our know-how to achieve customer satisfaction
  • FUTURE-ORIENTED – Constantly oriented towards the latest mechanical technologies
  • COST SAVING – Because a quality tool can bring huge savings
  • ADDED VALUE – Ongoing technical consultancy that makes a difference

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